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When we are talking about girls or woman our so cold narrow minded society will not allow to come late in the nights due to the increasing crime rates against women. If we can make our girls or woman self sufficient to protect her then it is the best way to make them live their life happily. Expandable Stun Gun is something that is best to use device for the personal protection. The best part of this expandable stun gun device is you can easily adjust the length of the device by simply twisting the top and bottom halves in opposite directions and your perfect baton is ready to protect yourself. Ladies can easily carry this small sixe stun baton in her purse who are coming late in the nights for her safety. This small size stun baton releases a bright and powerful electric current that can easily scare off potential assailants before they even make a move. In this stun gun there is also a LED flashlight built into the top of the baton.
BODY GUARDS his one is an easy to carry stun gun and even if you carry it in hand then also no one will be able to tell what item it is. So, feel free to carry it and if you are alone then carry it openly so that people don't approach you and if anyone does then it will give the person a very hard and painful time which last for full thirty minutes.

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Our Customer Care Number: +91-9958840084, +91-9210018707

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