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Taser Bolt Stun Gun is the best to use self –defense stun gun which is incomparable to anyone existing in the market. This BOLT Stun Gun can fire two electrical probes up to 15 feet away to stick the attacker to move away from you and bring them down. Once the electrical probe will arc through clothing cause an array of physical issues like involuntary muscle contractions, freezing for a short period of time etc. If you were missing your target then not to worry this BOLT has two metal electrodes on the front that can deliver a 50,000 volt current to the attacker as a stun gun delivers that will surely bring down the attacker to the ground. The best part is if the safety switch of the stun gun is left open and armed for longer than 20 minutes without use, it will go into an automatic low power mode that will not allow the gun to fire until the safety switch is closed and reopened.
BODY GUARDS his one is an easy to carry stun gun and even if you carry it in hand then also no one will be able to tell what item it is. So, feel free to carry it and if you are alone then carry it openly so that people don't approach you and if anyone does then it will give the person a very hard and painful time which last for full thirty minutes.

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Our Customer Care Number: +91-9958840084, +91-9210018707

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