Tourch Cum Stun Gun For Ladies

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Torch Cum Stun Gun for ladies is the best self defense item for self security of ladies in the nights. This type of stun gun is the best choose device for personal protection of ladies who comes late in the night at homes. This torch light stun gun works as a dual purpose to provide you the function of a torch as well as a stun gun to attack on someone who is trying to do something wrong with you by taking an advantage of low light in nights. It can provide you bright and rapid flash light in low night vision without getting attention of anyone.
BODY GUARDS his one is an easy to carry stun gun and even if you carry it in hand then also no one will be able to tell what item it is. So, feel free to carry it and if you are alone then carry it openly so that people don't approach you and if anyone does then it will give the person a very hard and painful time which last for full thirty minutes.

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Our Customer Care Number: +91-9958840084, +91-9210018707

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