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Taser Strikelight Stun Gun is a good combination of high-intensity flashlight with the protection of a stun gun that is the perfect device for everyday civilian self defense. The most beneficial purpose to use this taser strikelight is a one compact unit offering great safety and discrete self defense to the common civilians. The taser strikelight stun gun is a very light-weight device but offering a powerful jolt that will certainly put the attacker down to the ground, and giving you enough time to get away from that place. The bright light provides safety and you can clearly see everything in the night vision along with it can also deter an attack if shined directly in the potentials attackers-eyes. If the attacker continues trying to attack on you then the loud intimidating sound of the stun device acts as a deterrent as well.
BODY GUARDS his one is an easy to carry stun gun and even if you carry it in hand then also no one will be able to tell what item it is. So, feel free to carry it and if you are alone then carry it openly so that people don't approach you and if anyone does then it will give the person a very hard and painful time which last for full thirty minutes.

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Our Customer Care Number: +91-9958840084, +91-9210018707

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